Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Eve!

Here is another sneak peek at the Cutest Lion in Town!!

Chillin' in his chair

Wearing his Cowardly Lion Badge of Courage!

Shaking his lion booty!

Close-up of the shakin'!

So happy!


AuntieKat said...

omg. He is the cutest thing ever. I want to just give him a big hug and kiss.. so please give him one for me. Happy Halloween!

Lisa said...

He is too cute! Love the costume. Have fun tonight! I'll be out with a black cat (was supposed to be a leopard until about an hour ago) and I think Commander Cody from Star Wars...or it might be Jengo Fett. He changes his mind every other hour, like his sister. Good thing I'm flexible!

AuntieKat said...

I have to say, the costumes are SO much better than the plastic fire traps we used to wear when we were kids. lol. (unless you had a creative mom, which some years, mere-mere was, other years, we demanded the ones in the stores)