Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

What a fun night! The gang from Oz had a great night filled with lots of laughs, candy, and Halloween fun! We headed over to the Antaran's house to begin our night. We had Dorothy (Ali), The Scarecrow (Alec), Glinda (Ava), and The Lion (Jackson). They all were so cute in their costumes. After we tried getting a good group picture (to no avail you will see!), we began the trick or treating fun. It only took about one house for the gang to get the routine down. Ali was usually leading the pack running up to the houses. But of course Jackson was right behind her. In fact they were holding hands most of the night! Thank goodness Jackson is young enough to not realize that all the candy he got last night has mysteriously disappeared from his pumpkin. Can't wait to do it again next year!

On Friday night Joe and I had some adult Halloween fun at the annual Lewin Halloween Bash! It was a blast seeing everyone in their costumes. This year Joe and I went as a Plug and Socket. It was Joe's idea. He did an awesome job on his "plug" part. In fact, we won the Best Couples Costume category! Guess we better start now on next year's can we top that one?

Going, Going, Gone!

My Sweet Lion!

Trick or Treat!

Off to see the Wizard!
My friend Joanne made all the costumes!! (except for Jackson's)

Alright! I love chocolate!!

Gotta work off that Hershey bar I ate at the last house!

Plug and Socket!

Just like that!

Plug and Socket, Lioness and her Prey!


AuntieKat said...

Okay, I think The Oz crew are the cutest group ever. I've gone back to the pic & giggle each time I look at it. What a bunch of cuties.
--and as far as Mr. Plug & Mrs. Socket... I have been laughing all day. Chris thought it was great too. Good one! We do wonder how you will top it next year! :-)