Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun at the Museum!

What do you do in Elizabeth City on ANOTHER rainy day? Well, we today we went to the "you-zeem"! After a morning run (have to hit the gym, especially today, the day before the Feast!), Jackson and I met Carrie, Ava, and Aaron at the Albemarle Museum. We haven't been to the museum since the opening of the CG exhibit. But Jackson still remembers pushing the green button to make the helicopter tail rotor go! In fact, once I mentioned the museum, he kept talking about "pushing the green button!" I wish I had a memory like that! The kids played in the toddler room for a little while, putting on a puppet show, playing dress-up, and riding the toy horses. After that we headed to the CG exhibit and let them play there a bit too. It was a really nice, fun, and dry morning. Why don't we go there more often?

Let's start with a puppet show!

Playing with the magnetic letters

Jammin' on the radio!

Three Jack-Jack's??!! Oh my!
Can you handle it?

Horsey Fun!

Giddy Up!

He ran RIGHT to the green button!

Ava the astronaut!

Three amigos!