Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Wrap-up!

Christmas Morning was so much fun this year. Jackson was really excited about Santa coming and was anxious to see what he had left behind. AND the rest of us got a great Christmas gift of Jackson sleeping in until 7am!! That is a Christmas miracle! As we all came downstairs that morning, Jackson was a little shy and scared to go into the living room. My dad and I had gone around to the other side of the living room to take video/pictures of Jackson as he saw the tree. I don't know if he thought that Santa was still there, or if we have just been playing a little too much hide and seek (which involves scaring Jackson!) lately, but he didn't want to go look in the living room by himself. My mom and Joe finally convinced him to check out the tree and when he did he was so happy! I heard a little voice say "There's some presents in there!". Then the squeal of delight as he noticed his workbench. He immediately picked up the drill and hasn't put it down since. He and Joe have already changed the batteries in it once. I have a feeling we better purchase lots of rechargeable AA batteries. I thought the morning would speed by with Jackson tearing through his gifts, but he really wanted to play with each one as he opened them. It was fun to see him take every little speck of paper off the gifts. He is very meticulous.

It was a great Christmas Day and we were so happy to be able to share the joy of the day with Grammy and Grampy. We are sad they had to leave that afternoon, but we know they will be back soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day!

First look at the tree and presents!

Checking out his workbench!

Drilling away!

Looking at all the other presents

Let's build!

So proud!

Playing with his new crane!

Opening more presents!

Loves his new cement mixer!


AuntieKat said...

What great Christmas photos! The day must've been so fun! Thanks for posting a photo of the crane, since we couldn't be there to see him open it. Did you find the picture of Jackson driving it? Uncle Chris put it in there & we were hoping it didn't fall out. Silly! Love & Miss you!

Jen said...

The picture of him in it was hysterical!! It is still in there. He keeps moving it around from crane to cement mixer. He LOVES the crane and has been playing with it a TON!! Thanks for the great gifts! Miss you!

Mama Lisa said...

Great pictures! Merry Christmas!