Friday, December 11, 2009

Jackson and Santa...Take 2!

This morning Jackson and I took a quick trip to the "mall" to look for a few things. I had a coupon for JCPenney's, so of course, I had to see if there was anything I needed. I thought I would look for a necklace to wear tonight. With my dress. To Joe's Holiday Party. As we pulled into the mall parking lot Jackson said, "Oh, the mall. Let's see Santa!" Because we had been there last week to see him. But the Santa here keeps bankers hours, or some other odd occupation hours, and is only there from 4-7 on the weekdays. So I told him that Santa might not be here right now. We would have to see.

No luck at Penney's, so we headed out into the mall to go check out a few other stores. And we had to go throw money into the fountain. The only reason Jackson likes going to the mall. Can he really be my child? As we started out into the mall, I was preparing Jackson for the fact that Santa was not going to be on his sleigh, that he was still at home sleeping. But as we got closer, Jackson said, "SANTA!". And lo and behold, there he was. And there was no line at all! Come to find out he was there waiting for a group of school kids to come visit him. So technically he wasn't "open for business". But he called out to Jackson and asked him if he wanted a candy cane. I got Jackson out of the stroller and took him up to see Santa. He was shy at first, but then started answering all of Santa's very pressing questions. Including...what he wanted for Christmas! I asked Jackson if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap and he got all shy and said no. Shocker! Santa moved over on his sleigh and said that we both could sit with him and take a picture. Uh, sorry Santa, not going to happen right now. Did I mention that we were running errands on the way home from the gym? That I hadn't taken a shower after working out yet? That I was stinky and not pleasant looking? I told Santa that I would break the camera if I got my picture taken. So all of a sudden Jackson volunteers to sit by Santa all on his own! He plopped himself right down next to him on his sleigh. AND smiled while I took pictures. It was great! No stress of waiting in line and I took my own picture. Couldn't have worked out any better! Moral of the story-go the mall more often!!

Alright, I have procrastinated long enough. I must get started on those Christmas cards that are just sitting here beside me, longing for a signature and stamp! And then off to get ready for tonight! Happy Friday! 2 weeks to go!


Kimberly said...

What a lucky event! You couldn't ask for a better picture with Santa! What a cute story!

AuntieKat said...

It must've been meant to be! Good thing you HAD to be at the mall!
That is the best Santa photo... and I have to say.. he's a great Santa too..Could it really have been Santa taking time from his toymaking and naughty/nice list to help you out w/getting a good pic? HMM? :-)

Mama Lisa said...

So very cute! And what a big boy to sit all by himself.

Glad to hear that someone is on the ball with their Christmas cards...if you don't get one from me, don't think I have unfriended you - I'm just not sure we are going to get any out this year!

Kim H. said...

Perfect picture!