Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Little Elf!

Mere -Mere sent Jackson an adorable little Christmas sleeper, complete with elf hat! And surprisingly, Jackson actually wanted to wear the hat. He looked so cute, so of course I had to take some pictures. He is having so much fun with all the holiday festivities and activities already. On Saturday night we were out after dark and decided to take a drive around the neighborhood to see all the lights. Jackson was so excited! He kept saying, "Oh, Pretty. Look, look over there Mommy and Daddy!" He especially loved the ones that twinkled and flashed. I can't wait until Christmas Day!

Can I touch the tree?

Sweet Little Elf!

How about this one?

Not lovin' the reindeer ears!

Being Silly!

Rocking horse


AuntieKat said...

Very cute outfit. I can't believe he wanted to wear the hat. I love it. You know, AuntieKat had jammies like that once. They were the same candy-cane stripes, but were terrycloth, and had feet and the butt-flap. Sadly, I was about 9yrs old. (They were "in" at the time you know!! I swear!)