Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ski Weekend!

Last weekend, we packed up and joined the MacMillan's at Massanutten Mountain for a weekend of skiing and snow fun! It was an easy drive from here, only about 4 1/2 hours away. And lucky for us, they had gotten lots of snow in the past few weeks. The weather was great the whole weekend. We spent alot of time outside sledding, having snow ball fights, and just exploring. We even managed to spend a day at the indoor waterpark. I wasn't too good at getting alot of photos. But we did get some great ones. Where will our next adventure be?

Off for a walk to the slopes to see the tubing and skiing!

Alec and Mac

Leading the pack! She kept turning around to check on Alec and Jackson!

Not too sure about all this!

Two crazy boys!

Mac and Ali hit the sledding hill!

Our turn!

Getting a ride back up the hill

The MacMillan's having a blast!

Getting a lift back to the top!

Jackson and Daddy speeding down the hill

Making a snowball!

Watch out! Snowball fight!

Alec and his snowball!

Ali being silly!

Trying to make a snow angel. He didn't want to do it on his back

HUGE icicles!

The End!