Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Grampy!

Today is my Dad's birthday. We wish we were able to be together to celebrate this special day. Fortunately, they were just here visiting at the end of February so we did have a little birthday celebration for him when they were here. So I guess my mom will have to make his birthday cake this year! (And send some this way!) Happy Birthday Dad and Grampy! And many more!! We love you!!

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from the past weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Warm and sunny all day Saturday and Sunday. This weekend will not be the same. Cold(er) again. Oh well...The warm weather will be here to stay soon enough. I am just thankful for the low humidity!

On Saturday, we made a picnic lunch and headed to a park to play and picnic. Jackson had a blast on the playground, and didn't want to stop sliding to have lunch. I forgot my camera but took a few pictures on my phone. They aren't the best though. After his nap we played outside all afternoon. Jackson is VERY in to hopscotch lately. After an episode of Curious George playing hopscotch, that is all he wants to do outside. So of course we had to play on Saturday. It is so funny to see him throw his "marker" (a.k.a. rock) and hop to it. It is a great learning tool too. He counts, hops/jumps, balances, and burns tons of energy! A win win situation for us all.

Here are some pictures from our beautiful weekend.

Digging in the sand!

Helping Daddy on the ladder

Perfect Day for Ball!

Let the hopping begin!

Throwing his marker!

And off to get it!

What form!!

Showing off his big boy undies!

Worn out from all that jumping!

Look at those eyelashes!!


AuntieKat said...

Happy belated Birthday Grampy! and Happy Bday to you today, Jen!
Those were great pictures. You did a phenomenal job capturing the action. Mine always end up blurry, no matter what the speed. grr -what is your secret? When we visit, I would love to see all that Hopscotch talent! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ONCE AGAIN! enjoy your day!