Monday, March 8, 2010

Potty Potty Time!

This weekend, Joe, Jackson, and I finally tackled the dreaded potty training! I know that he is not even 2 1/2 yet, but I am really tired of spending money on diapers. Besides, there is nothing cuter than a little 2 year old tooshie in underwear! I planned on starting on Thursday or Friday of last week, but Jackson needed a haircut, or it was too cold outside, or some other silly excuse. So I figured that since Joe was home all weekend I had the backup I needed to do it! Saturday morning we woke up (bright and early again, I might add...grrrr! Sleeping is not my child's strong point) and got dressed, this time with Mickey Mouse underwear instead of diapers. For Jackson, not Joe. I was starting to dread the thought of the day since getting Jackson to actually wear his underwear that morning was no small feat. But we finally got him dressed and distracted enough. Once we let him look at all his underwear and pick one out he was better. So off we went downstairs to have breakfast and go along with our normal day. Ha! The day went alot better than we expected. Jackson had two accidents right away-and didn't like the feeling of wet underwear, pants, and socks. I think that is all it took. He did great the rest of the day! He actually told us a few times that he needed to go potty. Although his way of telling us is, "Go in my pants?" That was key to run to the potty!

We are now on Day 3 of Operation Underwear and he is doing great! No more accidents! He is still in diapers during naps (since he is a naptime pooper) and at night. But we will take the small victory so far! I just hope he doesn't regress when we move this summer! Could it really have been that easy to potty train?

Here is the silly boy being his silly self!


Kimberly said...

Woo Hoo! Go Jackson GO! On the potty though, nowhere else!

PAIGE said...

You can do it homie!