Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny Came!

Sunday Morning, Jackson was very excited to see that the Easter Bunny had paid him a visit overnight. It was funny because even though his basket was on his little table practically in the middle of the living room, he still didn't notice it for a little bit. He wanted to play trains first. Then the first thing he noticed was the rocket!! Shocking! If you don't know it, he is a tiny bit OBSESSED with rockets right now. It was so sweet to see him run up to me and say, "Look Mommy! The Easter Bunny brought me a ROCKET!" The theme for this year's basket was rockets! I, er I mean, the Bunny, found him a great toy rocket that is a miniature version of the one Joe made in school (the one that started Jackson's obsession.) It is complete with engines and parachute. His basket also had some great rocket jammies and a Buzz Lightyear bubble rocket gun. And of course some eggs filled with bouncy balls, stickers, and a few pieces of candy. And you can't forget the chocolate bunny! The Bunny even threw in a toothbrush to keep those cavities (from all the candy) away! Jackson really made out! I don't think he has put the rocket down for more than 5 minutes all day. I think the Easter Bunny was very successful this year!

New shades from Mere-Mere!

Checking out his parachuting rabbit!

Rocket and chocolate bunny!

Showing off his new jammies!


Rocket and toothbrush!
Still hasn't put the rocket down yet...


When we got home from Church, Jackson decided to run around the house
while changing out of his Easter clothes.
This is going to be GREAT bribery material later in life!

Once again, no picture is complete without the rocket!


Mama Lisa said...

So cute! Love that he wouldn't put down the rocket. It doesn't stop as they get older either...Kyle's been carrying around a plastic ball that looks like Ironman for 3 days. It has gone everywhere with us...dinner, grocery store, Easter Egg Hunt, church...Happy Easter Jackson!

AuntieKat said...

I love all those rocket photos too. Absolutely adorable. I also can't stop giggling at how cute the undies photo is - the brown socks is what REALLY complete the outfit. He is the cutest boy. Hysterical too!