Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hunt Number 3

Jackson's school hosted a big Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning for all the kids from the school and Church. There were a TON of eggs! They divided the kids up by age and each age hunted eggs in different areas. It went really smoothly and none of the big kids were barreling over the little guys to get to the eggs. Lucky for us (or not so lucky) the 2 year olds looked for eggs that were hidden in the playground area. Which was good and bad. Good in that it was a closed off area, bad in that it is a sand playground, complete with huge wooden play ark, slide, and swings. Most of the kids were too distracted by the playground and sand to really focus on the millions of eggs, but the parents were able to keep them focused long enough to collect all the eggs. Then it was time for play!

Playing the drums before the egg hunt!

Rat-tat-tat! He loves the drums!

Goofing off while waiting to begin!

More goofing....

More waiting...

Quick pose...

Reaching for the stick, not the egg!

Sand time!

Trying to give Ali a hug.
Hard to do when you can't stop sipping that juice box!!!

Pure Easter Egg Goodness!


AuntieKat said...

Very cute..Jackson looks UNBELIEVABLY patient. Could it be true? Did he really sit THAT still? :-) You better hope that you don't have a drummer on your hands.. your poor ears!

Grammy said...

Cool - a drum playing astronaut! He really is the cutest grandchild (not partial b/c I am the grandmother, though)