Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our little Birdie Friends!

What a difference a few days makes! Our little birdie friends are growing like crazy! It is amazing how quickly they are growing bigger and growing feathers. Their eyes have opened and they are moving around like crazy. They look like real birds now. And they are definitely eating more too. That poor Mommy bird has been searching for food non stop today. I can't wait until she teaches them to fly. I hope I don't miss it!

Last Thursday, still huddled together. So ugly they are cute!

Feed me!

Today, almost a week later. So precious!

Waiting for Mommy and the worms!

There she is!


Kimberly said...

These pictures are great! How cool!

AuntieKat said...

What a difference! It's so amazing to see them change & I can't believe you were able to catch it w/o Momma buuurd freaking out. She is taking good care of her babies. I hope you don't miss the first flight attempts either. Keep us posted!