Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Santa Fe

Late Saturday night, I made it home from a fun week in Santa Fe with my parents, Jackson, my brother Michael, and my awesome sister-in-law, Paige. We had a great time playing and hanging out. It was hard to leave Jackson behind, but we have been very busy since I got home. I know he is in good hands. Our packers were supposed to be here yesterday to start. But that didn't happen! They had some "issues" with their truck last week and were a day behind. They feel confident they can pack us in one day and move us tomorrow. They say they will have our stuff in DC at our new house on Friday. Perfect! It it really happens that way. At least with Jackson being with my parents, Joe and I can be more flexible with our planning and traveling schedule. We will keep you posted!!

In the meantime, here are some pics from last week.

Modeling his new lobster hat!

Being silly as usual!

Jackson and Grampy chilling in Grampy's chair.
However, Jackson has taken over that chair now!

Uncle Michael and Jackson watching soccer!

Peace with Auntie Paige!

At the park! Storm is brewing!

Michael being a little kid too!

Taking a rest...


Monkey see....monkey do!

Race down the slides!

Jackson had to slide down the pole!

Just a swingin'!

We spent a day hiking around the ski resort and other mountains.
Jackson became quite the little rock climber.
Just like Uncle Michael and Auntie Paige!

Not in the mood for a picture. He wanted to keep climbing!

Heading up again. Getting a spot from Mommy!

Rocket time! Jackson LOVES his new rocket launcher from
Michael and Paige.

3, 2, 1.....


Hopefully my parents have been taking more pictures this week. Off to supervise!


AuntieKat said...

So glad everyone on your side of the crazy family was there to visit! How great is that? Looks like it was a really fun time! Hello to all!