Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DinoRock Puppet Show!

There really is so much fun stuff to do around here for kids. On Saturday Morning, Kimberly and the boys invited us to go to a local park and see the Dino Rock Puppet Show. We walked to the park from Kimberly's house. There is a great trail that they get to right behind their house. It took us all they way to the park, past a pond, along a stream, and amongst many trees, mushrooms, and mulch! The boys had a blast picking up sticks and running along the trail. The show was alot of fun. It was put on by two ladies. One was the puppeteer and the other was the singer/songwriter. The puppets were great and the music was catchy. All 4 boys sat through the whole hour long performance. They loved it! After a quick visit to the Nature Preserve House to see some turtles and snakes we headed back on the trail to Kimberly's house. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! Looking forward to many more puppet shows!

Over the river...

Stop to take a peak!

Time for a break! They were HOT!
We all were HOT!

Show snack! Juice boxes and muffins! Thanks Kimberly!

Mama-Saurus! I felt so sorry for that poor lady boiling in that suit!

One of the baby dino puppets!

Jackson took this picture!

The boys wanted to climb on all the huge fallen trees on the way home

Three little monkeys!

Almost back home...up the hill to the Powers' house!


Grammy said...

Amazing what living in civilization provides! Don't do everything before we return. And, put a brick on his head; he is growing up too fast!!!!!

AuntieKat said...

Man, I feel sorry for that lady in the suit too.
I can't believe how much there is to do around there! Busy busy busy!