Friday, August 13, 2010

Totally Trucks

This morning, Jackson and I met Kimberly and the boys in Reston for some truck fun! Totally Trucks took place at Reston Association's Central Services Facility. Basically they had a bunch of equipment and trucks out for the kids to climb on. The weather was a bit touch and go-we got rained on for the first half, but thankfully it was only a shower and not a torrential downpour(like we experienced during lunch at Chick-fil-a! yummy!!) There was a mail truck, lots of bulldozer type trucks, mowers, field rakers, and many more! There was even a "working" area with a small bulldozer, a back hoe, and a dump truck. Kimberly and I joked that those poor guys were moving the same pile of dirt around over and over. Must have been fun for them! NOT! Right before we left the street cleaner/water truck did a demonstration that all the kids loved. Thank goodness we listened to the lady in charge when she said move back or you will get wet. Those kids on the front line got soaked! The boys had a great time.

Showing off his hard hat!

Cheesy smile!

Waiting in line...

Vroom, Vroom!

Working hard!

On one of the mowers!

Another one...he loved this one!

Trying to make it go!

Mesmerized by the backhoe!


Our little mail packages!!


Kimberly Powers said...

So fun to hang out with you and Jackson today! I love that picture of Benjamin and Jackson. Too cute!