Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Frying Pan Farm Park

On Labor Day, we took advantage of another beautiful day and headed to another local park, Frying Pan Farm Park. Frying Pan Farm Park preserves a piece of Fairfax County's rural heritage with it's working demonstration farm. (taken from the website) There was lots to see and do there. We started out walking through the horse stable. But most of the horses were in the "rodeo ring" for a small competition. After a brief stop to see the horses, we headed out to Kidwell Farm to see the other animals. We met cows, sheep, goats, pigs, piglets, rabbits, peacocks, turkeys and lots and lots of chickens!! One of the sheep was so sweet and was just hanging out by the fence so we were able to pet it quite a bit. Jackson thought it was very soft! And no outing these days is complete without a little playground time. So after we finished seeing all the animals and farm equipment, we headed over to the playground area. Jackson found a friend right away, a little girl named Julia who is a few months younger. Those two played together chasing each other and running all around for almost an hour! They were having so much fun. It is so nice to see that he isn't shy and doesn't have a hard time at all making new friends.

Tonight we are heading to our pool to watch the Annual Doggie Swim. Should be fun!!

Having fun on the old time tractor!

He would have stayed on the tractor for hours!

Another tractor!

Momma pig and her piglets!

Checking out the chickens!

Baby cow

Up close with the bunnies!

More chickens!

Sweet sheep!

Now it is the goat's turn!

To the playground!

Climbing the "mountain"

I did it!!

Down the crazy slide!

Jackson and Julia watching the horses

Here comes one!

A little too close for Jackson's comfort!


AuntieKat said...

What a nice farm! Jackson looks like he had a great time. I can't believe there's so much to to around you!