Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Day to Swim!

With summer drawing to a close and the school year starting, that means that alot of our favorite activities will not be available anymore either. Boo, Hiss! Alot of the parks close during the week now since most of their "business" will be in school now. That also means that the lifeguards are going back to school, so no more community pool! With the beautiful, cooler, weather this weekend, we did have a chance to take advantage of lots of outside time doing things "one last time...". We made out final trip to the pool too. Jackson was just really getting used to being in the water and started really holding his breath and going under. We are planning on taking swimming lessons at the gym in the Fall and Winter and next summer he should be a pro in the water! Here are some pics from our last outing!


Kimberly Powers said...

Looks like he was starting to boogie beside the pool! Too cute! Don't worry, we'll still find fun stuff to do!