Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rest of Holiday Weekend

The beautiful weekend weather continued on Sunday so after Church we decided to head to downtown Clifton to check out the Clifton Day Festival. We live very close to downtown Clifton and had never been there before. Another first accomplished this weekend! Downtown Clifton has a quaint little downtown area that has a few really good restaurants, ice cream shop, lots of antique stores, and a great kids playground. Lots of people have told us how cute it is but we hadn't made it there before this weekend. It is hard to believe you are in the DC area when you are driving there past rolling hills full of horses and houses with big yards. We walked around the festival and checked out the vendors and then let Jackson play on the playground a bit. I forgot my camera (Gasp!) so you will just have to come visit us if you want to tour Downtown Clifton too.

On Monday, Jackson and I decided to join my friend Tracey and her two kids, Skyler and Jake, at Burke Nursery's Pumpkin Playground. Pumpkin "patches" around here are huge! They are more like amusement parks with all the activities they have. It was another gorgeous but blazing hot day. Didn't bother the kids, they had a blast!There were tons of slides, wooden structures to play in, pumpkins to pose by, balloon animal making clowns, wagon rides, bounce houses, mazes, and more!

Heading in...ready for fun!

Someone was not in the mood for posing...

HUGE carpet slide

Coming down....


Crazy kids!

Jackson LOVED the merry-go-round!

I was sick to my stomach just watching!

Big bounce house!

On the hayride!

Hot, but having fun!

Skyler pretending to be scared of things hanging in the trees.

Can you tell that Jackson LOVES Skyler??!!

Digging for buried loot

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Jackson's turn!

Balloon airplane. Good thing we got the balloons last...all three of them popped in about 2 seconds. Thanks Tracey for standing in line AGAIN to make the kiddos happy!


AuntieKat said...

Another fun day. Looks like the kids had a blast. Jackson is adorable, he is growing up so fast, I can't believe it.