Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Last week Grammy and Grampy arrived for a visit. Jackson was very excited that they would be here to celebrate Halloween with him this year. Joe was in Scotland for work (tough work, huh?!) all last week so it was really nice for me to have a few extra sets of hands to help out with the wild Indian that lives in our house these days.

Saturday afternoon Grammy and Jackson tackled carving our pumpkin. They had a good time. Poor Grammy had to do all the "yucky" scooping work because Jackson didn't even want to put his hands inside the pumpkin. Maybe next year....

On Sunday, we visited Jake and Skyler before heading out trick or treating with Luke and Anna. It was a beautiful Fall night and a very successful Halloween for Jackson. Good thing he "practiced" trick or treating earlier that day with out candy.


AuntieKat said...

I love the costume. It is even cuter than I imagined. Thanks for sharing! I think I need one for my desk at work!