Monday, November 8, 2010

First Dentist Appointment

Jackson took his first trip to the dentist this morning. They (whoever "they" is! Dentists I suppose...) say that a child's first visit to the dentist should be shortly after they turn one-or have most of their teeth. We were only 2 years late, but we finally got there. I was not really looking forward to it since I know Jackson is in a non- cooperative mood these days. But he totally shocked me. I thought we were in for it when he took the toothbrush the hygienist gave him and threw it down, saying "No thanks!". At least he was polite, sort of...At that point I was just hoping he would sit in the chair for a brief picture moment. Once we got back, he gladly hopped into the chair and let them do anything and everything to him! He was answering their questions and loving every minute of it. The hygienist polished/cleaned his teeth, flossed them, and put a vitamin sealant on them. I think Jackson enjoyed the rinsing and spitting the most. After his teeth were all nice and clean, Dr. Leaf came over to take a peak. Jackson opened wide and let him count all his teeth and show me a few spots to watch. He also did a little scraping. But overall, he said his teeth look great!! After giving everyone high fives, Jackson hopped down to get his balloon and a sticker and prize. Oh, and to take one last picture, of course. The office had a space theme, so I think that helped Jackson feel right at home. Nothing like staring at a HUGE astronaut and space shuttle while having your teeth cleaned. I am so proud of my little boy!! Now let's hope for the same experience in six months....and many years to come!

Open WIDE!

Not so sure...

Nice looking tongue!

Counting teeth!

All there!

Getting a closer look...

Posing with his new toothbrush and his astronaut friend!


AuntieKat said...

Now THAT was priceless! Glad it went well for him (and for YOU!!!!)