Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a busy, fun-filled week. Tuesday night we had our Life Group Christmas Party/White Elephant Gift Exchange. Always a fun time doing that! Thursday night was a no kids night as we met some of our great friends (the Powers and Frankfords) out for a lovely dinner. It was so good to see Mark and Janice again (they are visiting from Ketchikan) and we hope they will get orders to be stationed in the DC area this summer. Friday night we had some friends over for Christmas Eve Dinner and then went to Church for the Christmas Eve Service. It was a really nice service. After that, we rushed home to get ready for Santa's visit that night!

Christmas morning was spent at home with Joe, Jackson, and I enjoying a lazy morning of opening gifts and playing with new toys! Jackson gave us a Christmas surprise and slept until almost 7 that morning. Then he climbed into bed with us to "snuggle". Finally, about 15 minutes later, he said, "Let's go see what Santa brought us!" I know it will never happen that way again, so we enjoyed every minute of it. Jackson must have been a good little boy this year because the tree was filled with fun things for him. And a few fun things for Joe and I! It took Jackson all day to open his presents because he wanted to play after opening each one. It was so fun to see him enjoy the whole Christmas experience this year. After a short "nap" , (side note: Jackson's consistent napping days are OVER! Sad day....Now I am lucky if he naps two or three times a week) we headed over to the Beavis' house for a wonderful Christmas dinner. Jackson had a blast playing with Josh, Katie, and Luke. Katie got a Karaoke machine from Santa and Luke got a nice guitar, so I am sure you can imagine what Jackson did all night... He and Katie were singing duets of "Yea! Uh-Uh! Baby! Alright!" all night long...And Josh, who got a little video recorder for Christmas, was recording it all. They were hilarious!

Now we are just trying to relax and catch our breath before the new year begins. Thankfully, yesterday was a very low key, indoor kind of day. After heading to Church, we stopped at the grocery store for a few necessities and headed home to hunker down for the "blizzard" that was forecasted. The weather guys were WAY wrong on that one for our area, we only got a dusting. I friends in E-City got hit the hardest! Too bad we aren't there to play with them. Maybe next snowstorm, that will be us...

Christmas Morning. Joe told Jackson that he had to help Santa get that rug down the chimney!

Cookie crumbs and a note left behind!

Jackson's first look!

I love his expression in this one!
That morning, before we came downstairs, Jackson said, "Oh-Oh, we forgot to put some milk out for Santa!" After seeing the cookies and mug, he said, "Santa must have helped himself to some milk!"

Pillow Pet Love!

Stocking time

He wasn't too sure about getting Unders in his stocking! Very reminiscent of me and my stocking loot growing up (along with nuts and oranges! BORING!)

All that present opening makes you tired!

Christmas snow!

Marble Race tower. Thanks cousin Tanner for an awesome game!



AuntieKat said...

You have to do a better job disguising your handwriting in the future when Santa writes notes. My nephew is very smart! Merry Christmas! xo