Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poor, Little, Neglected, Blog

With the most recent turn of events in our household...(i.e. Jackson not napping anymore!!), this poor little blog has been quite neglected. Which means that two of you (Grammy and Auntie Kat!) are probably going through picture withdrawal! So in an effort (albeit quick one) to get you updated here is a glimpse of what we have been up to.

Playing with all our new toys!

With a lot of silliness thrown in there!

Lots of painting on his new art easel!
Jackson is working on becoming the next Picasso!

Building rockets with Daddy!
Yes, He is still OBSESSED with all things rockets!

An afternoon spent at the Air and Space Museum by our house!

And lots of cookie eating in a very methodical manner!

January and February are going to be pretty busy for us. Next weekend we are going on a fun ski trip with some good friends of ours. Then the onslaught of family begins! We have visits from Mere-Mere and Grammy and Grampy coming up. We are very excited. And, hopefully one of these days, we will really get a big snow storm. So far we have dodged the last two "blizzard" predictions. But as I sit here now typing, the snow is beginning to fall...we will see what the ground looks like tomorrow!! Can't wait!!