Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow!

We ended up getting a little snow yesterday afternoon and last night. Not really enough to cause any problems, and definitely not enough to make a snowman! But that is okay since Joe has to head out of town today. Although if we had gotten a ton of snow he wouldn't have gone...oh well! Next of these days we REALLY are going to get that major snow storm that the weather guys forecast. Looks like we dodged another one this time! After we hit the gym this morning, Jackson and I went out for a bit to play. But it is REALLY windy today and the snow kept blowing off the houses and trees and pelting Jackson in the face. He wasn't too fond of that. Hmmm...that ski trip we are going on next weekend should be interesting...let's hope it isn't windy!

Making snowballs!

My little helper!


Too Heavy!

Jackson wanted to make tracks in the snow with his bike!

Down the driveway!

Digging for buried treasure!

Those beach toys come in handy in the snow!

Failed attempt at making a snowman!


AuntieKat said...

That's a sad little snowman, but it looks like you had fun!

Grammy said...

Maybe you should not wish for the "big" blast of snow. With your luck, Joe would be out of town! Thanks for all the pictures in the last 2 blogs; was wondering if your camera had broken. He looks like he had so much fun during Christmas that I think he should come out to Santa Fe and spend a few months with his grandparents next year.