Thursday, December 16, 2010

First REAL Snow!

It started snowing this morning about 9 and kept going all day until about 5. Luckily it wasn't a really heavy snow, but it was steady. It is pretty light and fluffy, which makes for easier shoveling, but not good for making snowballs or snowmen. Maybe a good thing...I hope this snow isn't any indication of a snowy winter to come. I don't know if I can handle another record snowfall season like the DC area had last winter. It is beautiful to see coming down and on the ground though!

Beautiful Chubby cardinal!

The birds and squirrels were going CRAZY during the snow. They were everywhere.
This group of cardinals couldn't stay away from our deck and bird feeder. Wonder what it
is about the snow that brings them all out? It was fun to watch all the activity!

Fresh Tracks! Heading down the driveway!

Making footprints

Snowball fight!


Our house

Half snow angel. Jackson didn't want to lay all the way down


Shoveling. We couldn't find the snow shovel. We didn't get very far....

My view from the kitchen window! So beautiful.