Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread House!

This year I decided that Jackson was probably old enough to decorate a gingerbread house, and at least be a little interested in doing it. So last night after dinner we got down to business!! Thanks to my friend Amy, I used her little trick of gluing the house together and not just using the icing. We tried using the icing first, but it wasn't holding at all! May have been operator error....I can't really say....but anyway, we finally got the house to stand. Meanwhile, Jackson was "sampling" the icing and candy with no end in sight. I am surprised he didn't have a stomach ache all night long. He was a bit wound up when it came time to go to bed. Oh well, it was a special occasion. Jackson had a blast putting the gumdrops and jelly beans on the house. Joe and I had a pretty good time too. I don't thin it will be winning any awards, but we love the finished product and had a fun time!

Getting all the parts ready

First lick of beaters! Many more to come...

Helping with construction...

Oh a big glob of icing on my hand...better just take care of that!

After bath-ready to decorate!

Jackson tried to open the door-which was glued on. He said, "But how
will the Gingerbread men get out of the house?!!"
So we made a window on the back!

All that sugar = being VERY silly!

More silliness!

Sweet little boy!

Finished product!


AuntieKat said...

I think your house is wonderful...much better than I could do! I like your snowman too. Leave it to Jackson to wonder about how the Gingerbread man would get out. ha ha ha. Great job!