Friday, January 28, 2011

A REAL Snowstorm....Finally!!

Around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, the heavy wet snow started falling, hard and fast! It didn't stop until about 9:30 that night. Needless to say, the now hit at the worst possible time for the commuters of the DC area. Thankfully, Joe got to leave at 2 and they made it home just as the sleet starting changing to heavy snow. It was a weird day, first a heavy rain, then a heavy sleet, then heavy snow. The roads were a mess. There were people stranded every where. Some people were stranded on the G-W Parkway for 13 hours!! Most people were reporting a 4 hour commute time home. Not fun! The snow was so heavy that it coated the tree limbs and power lines, bringing many of each down. We had a big tree fall across our driveway. Many people were without power, and some still are. was a great snow to play in! Yesterday afternoon, while Jackson rested, Joe chopped down the tree, Mere-Mere (who is visiting us now!) made a snowman, and I shoveled. When Jackson woke up, we all went out to play. First we dressed the snowman, then played on the deck some. Jackson was having a blast just walking in the deep snow, making snowballs, and knocking the snow off the deck railing. Then we headed to the side of our house to our sledding hill. It was awesome! I think the best part is going through the trees at the end of the "run"! We are about to head out again to do some more sledding. And more snow is on the way too. I guess winter is here for awhile after all!

Around 7pm, still snowing.

If you look closely you can see the tree blocking the driveway.

Still snowing....

more snow!

Morning after

Lumberjack Joe

The offender...

Measured almost 9 inches-and it was wet, heavy stuff!

Our little snowman!

Daddy, Mere-Mere, and Jackson with Frosty!

Giving Frosty some love!

First pose with the snowman!

Trying to walk through the snow. Nice outfit huh?
He refused to wear his snowsuit and boots. Oh well...

Down the hill!

Surfing at the bottom

Playing on the snow mountain!


AuntieKat said...

Wow. You did get a lot of snow. Short snowman for such a lot of snow! ha ha ha. Very cute though, I love the pictures.. keep them coming! You have a great toboggan, those can get up some speed! woo hoo!