Saturday, February 5, 2011

3,2,1,.....BLAST OFF!!!

A few weeks ago, Joe and Jackson built a Heli Cat Rocket. Jackson has been a wee bit obsessed with rockets for over a year now. He watches rocket videos on you tube all the time. Some of his favorites show how to build small model rockets. So he has been begging to get one and build it for a few weeks now. After the rocket was complete, it was time to test it out. We headed to a local park with lots of "open space". It was a very cold day, but not windy, key in "blasting off" a rocket. The mission was a success! It was a fun afternoon!

A boy and his rocket!

Off to the launch site

Getting set up

Hooking up the engines

Blast off!!

Parachute worked!

Joe catching the rocket.

All the poor geese that were fearing for their lives when we set the rocket off.