Saturday, February 5, 2011

Museum of Natural History

Joe's Mom, Mere-Mere, was here visiting us for a couple of weeks. We decided to take a trip into the "big City" and see the Museum of Natural History. It was a VERY cold morning, right after the big snow, so it was pretty quiet in DC. We found a parking spot right in front, and headed into the Dinosaur Museum to check it out. Wow, that is a BIG museum! I think we will have to go back a few more times to see everything. Jackson's favorite part was the Butterfly Garden. The dinosaurs came in a close second. Now on to the other famous DC sites!

Posing by the HUGE elephant

LOTS of really big dinosaur bones

This is pretty much how all the pictures of Jackson went that day.
He didn't stop for a minute!

Heading into the Butterfly Garden

That is one HUGE butterfly!

Checking out some pretty butterflies

Making sure they didn't have any butterflies hanging on when they left

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Yes, it grosses me out looking at this picture.
The entomologist said that they make "great pets"! HA! Not for me!
I had a nightmare that night that I had these things crawling all over me biting me.

Big grasshopper in Joe's hand

Check out those claws!


Kimberly said...

Those big grasshoppers are all over the place at my mother's house. She says they eat all her plants so she steps on them when she sees them. They crunch!! I can't do it!