Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy, Grampy, and Slime!!

Last week, Grammy and Grampy came to visit!! Grammy was actually here for a week, then Grampy joined her. Jackson has been in Grand-parent Heaven the past 3 weeks. The next few days should be interesting, since Grammy and Grampy left Saturday and Joe heads to Florida tomorrow morning. We had a great time with all our visitors. It has been really cold, but we haven't gotten any more snow. Since it has been so frigid and very "winter like", we have found many fun things to do inside. One day the UPS man brought a fun package to Jackson (from Grammy and Grampy)...a drum set!! Not sure if you guys know about Jackson's love of drums and guitars. He must have played those drums for an hour straight. And he only stopped then because we made him take a break. Maybe he will be a famous musician one day...

One afternoon, we decided it was time to make some slime!! Jackson had a blast playing in it and made quite a mess. But the beauty of the slime is that it is a breeze to clean up! It is one weird substance. It looks wet and liquidy, but when you first touch it feels hard. You dig down and pick some up in your fingers and it just falls right off like slime! So cool! Jackson's fingernails were stained blue for a day from it, but other than that it was another fun way to spend some time.

In other news, Jackson is going to have another little cousin. My brother and his wife are having a baby!! They just found out a few days ago that they are having a girl. Can't wait to spoil her with lots of girly stuff!! Congrats Michael and Paige. We can't wait to meet her!!

Better go find some exciting things for us to do the next few days. Or else....

Jackson has been doing alot of this lately...

He makes the mess, he cleans it up! Love it!!

WOW!! Drums!!

Checking them out!

Helping Grampy

What is this stuff?

Hmm, interesting!



Grammy decided to give it a try!

VERY messy!!

Totally slimmed hands!

J, Grampy, and Grammy

Taken by Jackson!


AuntieKat said...

Great pics, and Jackson didn't do half bad with his photo. Love the homemade slime! and love it even more that Jackson is doing his own vacuuming. Send him my way. That is my least favorite chore!

Congrats to Michael and Paige. Wonderful news!