Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almost a Month?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have posted anything. Where has the time gone? And what have we been doing? Well, I guess alot of nothing since I haven't taken many pictures or been moved to blog. So in an effort to keep the few readers we have updated, I will find something to say.

Two weeks ago Joe, Jackson, and I went back to E-City to visit for a few days. Joe had some meetings and Jackson and I decided to tag along and see all our friends. It was a very nice few days and made us miss being there so much. We stayed with the MacMillans, and the three little monkeys (Ali, Alec, and Jackson) had a blast! They were all so sad when we had to go. Jackson keeps asking if we are going back to stay at Ali and Alec's house. Jackson and I were able to go to the YMCA both days. It felt like we had never left. Jackson was very excited to see Anne Marie and play in the kids area. We were able to do a girl's (and Jackson) lunch one day and had playgroup one afternoon, all just like the good ol' days!

After spending a few days in NC, we headed further south to Manning, SC to see Joe's dad. We ended up packing up most of his stuff and brought him back to VA to stay with us for a bit. It was a long trip, but very fun. I think Jackson's favorite part were the hotel gyms at both places we stayed. He would have run on the treadmill for days! Just like Mommy! Love that boy!!

Last weekend was a busy one. Friday (March 25th) was my Dad's birthday. Unfortunately we weren't able to spend the day with Grampy this year, but we will be celebrating when he and Grammy come to visit later this month. On Saturday I ran in the National Half Marathon. It was my second half and I managed to finish in under 2 hours. Despite only having 5 weeks to train. I wish I had done a few more outside hill runs, since there were plenty of hills on the course. It was so nice to have my good friend Amy running with me, she is the only way I made it past those hills!! Joe and Jackson met me at the finish line. It was so sweet to see their smiling faces. Jackson was so young the last time I ran that he didn't remember it. He has confiscated my medal and keeps it in his room now. My future running partner!!

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday with a nice Mexican dinner out with my boys (and Grandpa Joe) and then comae home to enjoy some fabulous desserts from Wegmans!! Chocolate Creme Pie and Fruit Tart! Delicious!!

Not much else has been happening this week. The weather is certainly NOT spring like yet, so we haven't been out much. But the trees and flowers are starting to bud and bloom, so we know Spring is just around the corner. Jackson is itching to get out to the playgrounds and trampoline!

April and May will be a busy months with lots of visitors. First Uncle Danny, Aunt Ali, and Tanner, then my parents, and hopefully Auntie Kat and Uncle Chris. I will be better about pictures and posts....

Jackson and Cille

Jackson and Ali, on the mats

Future couple??!!



Morning of my Birthday!! Crazy!!

Progression of a family picture


My little man and Me at dinner

Time for candles!

My little helper!


This is what I found when I went down to the playroom yesterday...
Construction worker Jackson (as he said so himself!)


AuntieKat said...

Pictures are great! Dad looks good. I hope we get to come see you soon....and we get to go to the place where they have that yummy fruit tart! mmm.

I DO hope there is no more snow like what you woke up to on your bday morning. Ick! Had enough!

Love you all! xoxo