Saturday, July 30, 2011


A few weekends ago, we finally decided on a color for our master bedroom. We figured 4th of July weekend was a great time to get started!! Our room has VERY high ceilings and a high ledge area also. So we knew it wouldn't be a quick and easy paint job. We finally finished...two weeks later. It looks great and we love the blue we picked. Our little painter was a great big helper also. They are never to young to learn!

I think we have pretty much finished all the painting jobs we had planned for the house when we moved in a year ago. Now we can enjoy it all. Hmm, what is next on the list... anyone an expert at trimming really tall trees?

Master painter, ready to go!


Such concentration...

Jackson taking Daddy's picture

Milo, not too happy about all the commotion in "his room".
Or maybe he wasn't happy about Jackson taking his picture...


AuntieKat said...

That looks like one huge project! Glad you're done. Jackson takes great photos, by the way!!