Monday, July 4, 2011

Still Here...

Yes, we are still here. It is so pathetic that I haven't posted anything since the middle of May?!! What have we been doing? The lazy days of summer have taken over. Jackson and I do pretty much the same thing everyday. Get up, head to the gym. Then run a few errands, which usually includes a grocery store every day. I HAVE to get better at planning my meals and avoid the grocery store money trap. After lunch, we head to the pool. It has been such a lifesaver this summer. It is already so hot and humid here that I can't imagine spending the days any other way-well at least being outside any other way. The gnats and heat are just too much. We have been so spoiled by having the pool a short walk away. I am already dreading it closing on Labor Day. But until then...we will swim, swim, swim!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Joe and I kicked off the holiday weekend by going to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center. It was a fabulous show with beautiful costumes and scenery and wonderful acting and singing. It was a VERY late night for us. There was a Washington Nationals home game that night that was over about the same time Wicked was. So the metro was packed! Joe and I barely made it on to the train and we were smashed up against the doors praying they didn't accidentally open.

On Sunday we had a cookout at our house with the Powers and Frankfords, good friends from Kodiak. The Frankfords just moved to the DC area and we are so excited to get to hang out with them again. There were 5 kiddos 6 and under. It was so fun to see them all playing with each other. And it was so nice to chat and catch up with my girls!

We are all really tired today from a long week and already long weekend. We decided to take it easy today and just hang out here for the night. We know that Jackson will not make it to 9:30 to see the fireworks. Maybe next year....

Happy 4th!! Here are a "few" pictures to catch you up on what we have been doing...

Jackson's "tortilla mask" that he made one night at dinner.

Reading with my sweet little guy

Loading up the luggage "train" on a recent trip to Norfolk.

Doctoring Daddy.

Swim time!!

Picking up rockets with his toes.

Jackson made goggles out of one of his swim rings. Never a dull moment!!!

Best part about the pool....ICE CREAM!!

Sign of a good cone.

Little Drummer dude

My handsome date and me at the Kennedy Center.
It was a beautiful evening.

Before the show.

Being silly with Junior Mints.
I wonder where Jackson gets it...


AuntieKat said...

I have been waiting for you to post! I love Jackson's "Doctoring" photo. Love the booties. So funny! Where did you get those? ha ha. Sounds like you had a great night at the Kennedy Center (except for almost falling out of the Metro!). You guys looked great! I bet the stage show was sooo much better than the book. It took me everything I had to get thru that foolish book. Just wasn't into it. Too weird, but I can see where the musical would be awesome! Miss you!