Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swimming like a Fish!

Jackson has become quite the little swimmer in the past five weeks. At the beginning of the summer, he hated to even get a tiny bit of water on his face. If he got splashed or got water in his eyes it was all over. Many tears were shed over that alone! I kept telling him, you are in the pool, you are going to get splashed. We started him in swimming lessons in hopes that he would just get over his fear/hatred of "water in the face". The first few lessons were rough. To say our little guy is strong willed is an understatement. But Coach Beth was awesome!! Many call her the Swim Whisperer and know we know why! In just 4 short 20 minute swim lessons, she had Jackson swimming like a fish! He LOVES it. Today was his last lesson and he made it a good one again. He had a blast and even jumped off her diving board. We are so appreciative of Coach Beth and her patience. I can't believe what a different "swimmer" kid Jackson is now!!

I forgot my camera today but did get some pictures with my phone. Not the greatest...but oh well!


Me! said...

Yay Jackson! Love it when they figure out that it's fun instead of scary. Makes it so much easier for mom too!

AuntieKat said...

Congratulations! That didn't take long at all! I am so proud of my nephew~ That's great progress! xo