Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend in LA!

After a day spent with Shamu and his pals, we packed up and headed to LA to visit Michael and Paige. The weekend was filled with great food, lots of exercising (Jackson in Paige's Pilates studio), planting seeds in the garden, playing at the park, hitting a local Farmer's Market, playing Wii bowling (Jackson's new favorite), and just hanging out and enjoying time with Michael and Paige. It was a busy but relaxing weekend. We were sad to say goodbye to Grammy and Grampy at the end of the weekend. Monday morning Joe, Jackson, and I said our goodbyes to Michael and Paige and continued on to the second part of our San Diego trip.

Picking the perfect spot

Patting them down

Coolin' off

Practicing with Paige's drums

Wii Bowling...great form!


Jackson, Do you love your Uncle and Aunt? Thumbs up!!


AuntieKat said...

Looks like LA was a fun time as well. So happy you were able to visit with Michael and Paige! Love the Wii Bowling photo. What a riot! Thanks so much for posting all these photos!