Sunday, August 28, 2011

San Diego-Part 2!

After a fun filled weekend in LA, we made our way back to San Diego for a few more days. Joe had conferences during the day, so Jackson and I got to explore on our own and enjoy the fabulous hotel and pool area. Between the exercise room, Concierge lounge, many elevators and escalators, shops, Starbucks, and pool and splash pad, we could have spent hours exploring the hotel. The trolley and train went right by in front of our hotel, so that was a big hit too. One morning, Jackson and I walked a few blocks to the New Children's museum. There were a few fun play areas out front and lots to do in the museum itself. While waiting in line, we discovered that the little boy behind us was also named Jackson. Well, the two Jackson's hit it off and were inseparable while we were there. It was great for me, because Jackson had another friend his age and his grandmother was full of information about the San Diego area. The next morning we walked down the boardwalk to the Midway Museum and spent the morning exploring the aircraft carrier. We had a wonderful pedicab ride back to the hotel after we walked all over the huge boat! Both afternoons were spent playing in the pool and enjoying the wonderful San Diego sun.

We had a great vacation and can't wait for an opportunity to go back again. Maybe next time we move San Diego will be first on our Dream Sheet...fingers crossed!

Typical face!

Children's museum

Can you find Jackson?

Earthquake aftermath!

Getting ready for Irene!

Sure is windy!


AuntieKat said...

Love that Daddy and Jackson have matching rain boots. lol so cute. Glad you guys survived Irene. What a pest she was. Looks like the end of your San Diego vacation was a blast as well. I've never made it down there... I will have to put it on my list!