Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We are all ready for Halloween and Trick or Treating tonight. Yesterday afternoon, we (i.e. Joe) carved our pumpkin. We had two nice sized pumpkins to carve, but one of them was not in such good shape. It had a few wormy friends living in it. So we didn't want to "disturb" them and just left it on the porch for now. Jackson did a great job scooping the "guts" out of the pumpkin. And he also drew the face that was eventually carved. And of course, he did some horsing around too....

Clean and ready to be carved!

Face drawn...

Cut off the top


Scoop out the guts!

Finished Jack O Lantern!

Beginning of silliness....

This morning at school, Jackson's class had a Halloween Parade. They were all so adorable in their costumes. I love to watch him at school activities to see how he interacts with his teachers and other class mates. I am just amazed at how well he does and overjoyed with how much he loves it. Tonight we are going trick or treating in the neighborhood with a big group of people. Thank goodness Jackson is taking a little rest now so he will be chock full of energy tonight to last the whole night!! Happy Halloween!!


AuntieKat said...

Oh my! All the kids are so adorable in their costumes! And I LOVE Jackson's hook! I hadn't noticed it before. So cute! Arrgh!