Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December! Getting there...

Getting caught up!! Hooray! I just need to stay on top of things as they happen this month. Since it is jam packed with fun stuff.

I kicked off the month running in the Hot Chocolate 15K in DC. For such a big popular race (in other cities) it was an "epic failure" for the inaugural race in DC. It is too bad. Such a great idea and great time to race. Despite all the hurdles we had to conquer (waiting in horrible traffic-taking almost 2 hours to go 2 miles over the bridge), standing out in the sub-freezing temps for over an hour waiting for the late start of the race, running on the freeway in Maryland-next to 18 wheelers and cars, breathing the lovely exhaust for almost 6 miles, dangerous running terrain---I actually ran a really fast race. It was a PR for me, running a 8 min 14 sec mile. Oh and I even took a fall at Mile 8 and scuffed up my knees and hands pretty badly. Oh well. Every race is a learning experience! I am gearing up for my first Full Marathon in March. I am nervous just thinking about it!

Last weekend, our neighborhood had their annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony. They have carriage rides, S'mores, crafts for the kiddos, and Santa and Mrs. Clause. It was a very sunny, but very cold day. Jackson wanted nothing to do with Santa. He even said that he didn't want any presents this year!! Turns out he was sick that day with double ear infections and a fever. Hmm, wonder if he will change his mind now that he is feeling better. I don't know. He hasn't even wanted to see Santa at the mall. He told me, "Mom, you know that isn't the real Santa?" But he promised not to tell any of the little kids. so sweet. He did say that he would call Santa and tell him that he "could bring me some Legos. Any kind he wants". Funny boy!!

This week, Jackson has his school Christmas program. I can't wait to see all his little friends and hear them singing their songs. I better make sure the video camera is charged!!


AuntieKat said...

Congrats on the race. I am so proud of you!!! Great pictures - thanks for sharing. Please send some gingerbread house! ha ha. Just kidding. Looks delicious though!