Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ski Trip!

Near the end of January, we took a little ski trip to the Poconos with our good friends the MacMillans. This is the third year we have gone skiing with them and, as usual, we had a blast! The kids do so great together now, and can actually go to ski school. This year all three of them skied!! They had a blast playing in the snow and playing with each other all day in the house. We even got to spend one rainy, foggy, gloomy day at the indoor waterpark. Such fun! We can't wait to do it again next year!

The kids were loving all the snow! The house was right on Lake Harmony. Beautiful!

Here comes the mountain lion! Last year there was a bear rug that Joe put on to scare/play with the kids. This year he rented this costume! No one had any idea...including me, until he walked out of the house in it! Crazy!!


Kids throwing snowballs at Lion
Scaring kids is tiring work!

My Mountain Lion and Me!
Ski School!
Watching the Shrinky Dinks shrink
Creepy stalker guy at the waterpark. Mac forgot his swimsuit, so he had to sweat the whole time in his clothes!