Monday, February 13, 2012

Week in Review

Trying to catch up again....Last week Jackson started Karate classes. He goes twice a week to the Tiny Tigers class at ATA Martial Arts. He loves it and is having a blast! So far he has practiced high blocks, low blocks, side kicks, and lots of running and crab crawling. It is so cute to watch all the little kids. They are so quick to obey and answer with "Sir, Yes Sir" and Sir, No Sir"!!

My little engineer has been quite busy last week making lots of different "marble races". He loves to watch marble machine videos on YouTube and I guess has finally "learned enough" to put it into practice. He gathers his supplies mainly from the unfinished part of our basement. Lots of boards, miscellaneous pipes, floor boards, metal pieces. I never knew we had all that stuff down there! Jackson and Joe spent hours making and revising "Marble Machine 2000" today. Who knows what is next?!!!

Trying out his new snorkeling gear! Silly!
Our neighbor, The Hawk. He visits the yard behind us all the time!! Can you see him in the middle?
Jackson has the camera again....
First marble machine...
Marble Machine 2000



AuntieKat said...

I love the karate outfit. I hope you post some video, because I bet that is the cutest thing!

We had 3 hawks at the same time in our backyard this past Spring. I think one was a couple, and the lady-hawk was giving her man the evil eye. lol. Check out the pics sometime on my facebook page. They are so majestic.