Friday, March 21, 2008

Fine, I will blog!

Someone (GRAMPY!) made a comment that I hadn't written anything in the last few days. I guess I have been neglecting the blog. Some days are harder than others to get on the computer. And some days are just not as exciting as others! So here I am on a Friday night filling you all in. I know, it is a wild and crazy life I lead.

Our week was filled with a playdate on Wednesday with Jackson's buddies Alec and Ali, a trip to the "mall" here in town, a few trips to Wal-Mart (as usual) , and a night out for me. All that in a week! Jackson had a great time hanging out with Ali and Alec. He loves to hangout with his buddies and especially loves to play with all their great toys. All kinds of new things to chew on. This time he tried out their Jumperoo. He mostly just sat there. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of the jumping part. But he was loving it anyway. Must have been the silly songs that Joanne was singing to him in Spanish. Playdates with Alec and Ali are also Spanish lesson time. Love it!

Last night I went to book club and had a great time. I needed to get out for a few hours and had a fun time hanging out with the girls and eating some fabulous food. We laughed alot and didn't discuss the book at all, as usual. Can't wait until next month.

I feel like I have been bombarding you all with Jackson pictures so today I will post pictures of our new furniture. I know, once again, such an exciting life I lead. After many months of searching, we finally found a coffee table and some end tables that we liked. We ended up ordering them online from a furniture place in Hickory Park, NC. And luckily they match our other furniture perfectly.

I guess that is all the excitement for now. We are looking forward to our first Easter with Jackson. We are heading over to our friends' house for Easter dinner. There will be lots of kids and lots of good food. Hope you all have a blessed Easter.

PS- I couldn't resist adding the picture of Jackson from bath time tonight!


AuntieKat said...

Hope you had a very happy Easter! Glad you added the bathtime photo, because, although I liked your new furniture,it's not as cute as my nephew! Love you!