Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday....

Here we are at Monday again. Why do the weekends go so quickly? We had a busy weekend ending with a great Easter celebration. Unfortunately we forgot to take our camera along, so we didn't get any good photos. Thank goodness we took some good shots at the Easter Egg Hunt last weekend.

Saturday was a busy day for Joe. He and Eric made the first attempt at drilling a well in our backyard. Things were tough going with the rock hard ground we have, but they were able to make some progress. I managed to sneak away in the afternoon to get much needed pedicure too. There is nothing like a nice pedicure and wonderful leg massage. Saturday night we headed over to our friends house, the MacMillans, so the boys could watch the Purdue basketball game. It was a good game, but in the end Xavier won pulled off the win. Poor Boilermakers. Maybe next year.

Jackson's first Easter was great. Although he wasn't so sure he wanted to be in the nursery at Church. We had a wonderful Easter Dinner at the Storches house. As usual, we had lots of good food. Laurie made a tasty ham and scrumptious lamb, along with alot of other goodies. And Joanne brought along a fabulous blueberry cheesecake. It melted in your mouth! It was another wonderful dinner party with friends.

Today is a cold and windy day so we are staying put. I am still working on getting Jackson's napping schedule down, so it helps to stay home with we had such a busy weekend. Plus I have mountains of laundry to do. And I am sneaking away tonight to see The Other Boleyn with a few girlfriends. I just received a package in the mail from a great friend loaded with 7 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!! I guess i better get started on eating them. She knew that I missed out on ordering them this year. What a good friend! My mouth is watering just thinking about the Thin Mints. Maybe I should hide my stash somewhere so Joe won't know about them. I guess I do have enough to share....especially since summer and swimsuit season is upon us!
Jackson had a great time this morning sitting and standing. He wants to stand all the time now. I just had to take a few pictures. Hope you all have a good Monday.


Kim H. said...

How was The Other Boleyn Girl?