Friday, April 11, 2008

A Beautiful Day and a New Ball!

Another Beautiful Day! Hooray! Maybe it really is Springtime in North Carolina. Although I did see the weather forecast for next week and it looks like we might get some cold weather again. Oh well. At least we had a few nice days.

Jackson and I headed up to Chesapeake for some quick shopping this morning. We were in desperate need of some bookshelves for Jackson's room, as his book basket was overflowing. Target had some really nice ones that I had been eying and they are on sale this week. Luckily they had them in stock. I loaded up on some other staples, mainly rubbermaid containers for all the clothes that he has outgrown already. It just amazes me how fast they grow. And how much stuff he has already worn/outgrown. I didn't even realize he had that much. We have been so fortunate to have friends who have loaned us lots of great clothes. Even though his clothes aren't that expensive, it all adds up in the end.

And of course while we were at Target we had to cruise through the baby and toy aisles. It occurred to me that my little boy doesn't have a single ball to play with. How can that be? So I got him a cute Thomas the Train ball. He isn't quite sure what to do with it. Because it doesn't fit in his mouth like everything else will. But he sure tries!

I hear him waking up now. Off for a walk in the nice day. Have a good weekend.


Laurie said...

How funny about the ball! I remember having the exact same thought when Jake was about 6 months old..."he doesn't even have a ball to play with!" and I went right out and got him a Winnie the Pooh ball. Jackson will figure out what to do with it soon!