Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's a beautiful day.....finally!

What a difference the sun makes! After a very foggy start, the sun has finally made an appearance and it is a gorgeous day. It feels like we have had endless weeks of the windy cold drizzle. It really feels like Spring now. Jackson and I actually took a nice walk this morning too. He ended up falling asleep so I kept walking. An hour later I decided to call it quits! It has been awhile since I have done that long of a power walk. I do feel rejuvenated though. Amazing what doing a little exercise will do for you. And I used to say, I am too tired to exercise. Jackson is doing okay so far today, he does seem a little fussy. But I think he is extra hungry today too so that may be a reason for the fussiness also. He must be going through a growth spurt. He was so tired last night that he was asleep by 7. So sad. Even sadder, I was in bed and asleep before 9:30! Pathetic.

The one good thing about a good nights sleep was that I had lots of energy to clean clean clean this morning. I finally got tired of looking at my dirty tub and decided to tackle it. Now, I am not sure how many of you know that cleaning my tub is no small feat. Here is a picture:

It is so big that I have to perch myself on the edge while hanging over trying to reach the other side. Just imagine that and I am sure you will get a good laugh. That is why I don't clean the tub very often. I think the cats get more use out of playing in it than we do bathing in it. Oh well, it is nice when we do decide (and have time!) to take a lovely bath.

Next on my list today is putting Jackson's latest activity together. My good friend Carrie sent us her daughter's Rainforest Jumperoo, since Ava had outgrown it. I am so excited to get it together and let Jackson jump away. I know how much Alec and Ali love their "Jumpy-jump". So while my little guy is sleeping, I will try to assemble the jumperoo. Wish me luck! Joe has been the one putting stuff together so far...


AuntieKat said...

Well, sounds like you had the type of gorgeous day we did. Although I must say it was 72 at work (ugh) and a lovely 53 at home. Darn coastal temps! I will be enjoying it when it's 90 there and 80 at home!
Tubs are never fun to clean, at least yours is deep, so you can enjoy a bath. I am jealous. Ours is so shallow, all your parts hang out & it's just to chilly to enjoy! So sad! Sniff sniff!
Jackson looks so cute taking a snooze. I love his little sneakers! Miss you!

Kimberly said...

Now why didn't we get the picture of you dangling over the tub cleaning it?!? That's what this blog needs!