Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally decided...

Well, after alot of help from friends and family, we finally chose a picture of Jackson to submit for the contest. In case you hadn't heard, we are entering Jackson in the Babytalk/Good Morning America Cover Contest. I submitted the entry and picture this morning. Each week they post a few of the pictures that were entered. If you want to size up the competition, here is the link.

I will check to see if Jackson's picture makes the cut and let you know. The semifinalists will be announced later this year and the voting for the finalists will be around October 13th. Here is the picture we entered.

Hydrangea report: Still alive and beautiful! I talked to the florist and got some great advice from a friend who is an expert gardener (Thanks Laurie!) and we have a plan for the plant! The florist suggested waiting a few more weeks to plant it, just in case we get another frost. Which I don't see happening, but I will wait. Then I will beg Laurie to come over and help me dig the hole and replace the horrible North Carolina soil with some good ol' manure! Sounds like fun huh? Anyone want to help? I will keep you posted.


Laurie said...

I'm no expert...I just read alot of gardening books. And you won't have to beg me to come help you - it's the least I can do after you've become my laundromat!!!

AuntieKat said...

I just looked at the other babies for week 4. Although cute, they don't hold a candle to Jackson Thomas Uzmann. I think he is the winner! :-)
Glad you got some good advice about the hydrangea. Don't want to hear about you having to dig up the "remains". I wouldn't want CSI coming after you. HA HA. You could always have Mere Mere come down and be the "midnight gardner" (before some of the other condos were finished, she'd sneak out at night and swap the better bushes, shrubs, flowers from the condos that weren't sold. Watch out E-City vacant homes! LOL! )