Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rockin' and Rollin'

First of all....Is anyone else excited that New Kids on the Block are back together?? Come on, no lying. I know you are!

I am very happy to report that David Cook won American Idol last night. I was a bit worried that the little boy who can't sing with his eyes open would win. I am sure he has a great music career ahead of him too. He just wasn't my style. I am looking forward to seeing what David Cook comes up with. Let's hope he doesn't flop like Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard.

So I woke up this morning to the usual sounds of a sweet little voice reciting "da-da-da-da" over and over again. I did my normal morning things-put my contacts in, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth. Aren't you glad you know my morning routine? I then went into Jackson's room to get him up for the day. This is what I found!

He had somehow managed not only to twist himself around, but shimmy his way up to the head of his crib. And he got his bear out of the corner of the crib! He was perfectly happy there. Just didn't look too comfy! I guess he was practicing his new rolling skills. He has now perfected rolling from his back to his stomach. I thought it would never happen since he hates to be on his tummy. But he seems to be tolerating it alot more these days. Silly boy!


AuntieKat said...

Good Morning! My sweet nephew does NOT look comfy in that position, but he does look usual! So funny. Well, we had a great (but short) visit with Joe, and he's on his way home to you two this morning. -- I sent Chris off to work this morning feeling older.. today is his birthday. He is desperately trying to ignore Poor thing, and he has to work all this long weekend. No Fun! Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Love You!

Jen said...

my goodness you are an early bird!
Sorry Jackson and I couldn't make it up there to see you all. soon...
Happy Birthday to Uncle Chris! Tell him to hang in there. It is just a number! Send him down here to play with Jack. That will make him feel younger...or maybe just more tired.
Miss you! Love you!

Laurie said...

I am TOTALLY psyched the NKOTB is back together. However, I saw them on the Today Show last weekn and they sounded pretty awful! Oh well - guess it's just proof that you can't go back!

What a cutie...laying all sideways with that big grin on his face. Love that Jack-Jack!

Freda said...

Hi Jen
I am just reading your blog, and catching up with what you've been up to. Jackson is just so cute. He is such a handsome boy, and such a happy baby! Adison too has worked out how to wriggle around in her cot and move up, but she hasn't quite made it to that angle! Great to hear Jackson is on the move and rolling! Just wanted to add that I am very excited about NKOTB being back together. I too saw them on the today show - it is televised over here from about 4am - 6am, prior to our own Australian morning news programs. I love catching up on the news from the US, when I am up feeding Adison. Talk soon xo