Thursday, June 5, 2008

Has it been 8 Months already?

Technically, 8 months and 1 day. But can you believe it? I can't. The day Jackson was born still feels like yesterday. It was just as hot today as it was that day. Yes, HOT in October. I often reflect on that day and try to remember every single detail. From what I did that morning, to how I thought it wasn't the "real thing", to rocking back forth on my hands and knees to stop the pain, to wanting to get back into the car and go back home to change my clothes when my water broke as I got out of the car at the hospital, to pushing my little heart out through the pain, to hearing my son cry for the first time, to holding him and loving someone so much so instantaneously. Our lives changed that day for the better. I hope someday he realizes how much joy he brings us. I hope that he will feel the same love for his own child that we felt for him that moment he took his first breath. Nothing else we do in our lives will be as hard as having and raising a child. And nothing else will be as rewarding. And I am so proud and happy to be raising him with my husband. I can't imagine it any other way. I am so lucky to have two such wonderful men (well, one man and one little boy who will be a great man someday!) in my life. We are truly blessed by God.

I am not sure why I am so sappy today. I guess I just realized how fast it is all going! My little baby is not so little anymore. But that is okay. Because he is such a great little guy and so much fun. I wish you all could see what a joy he is!

And....on another note. We will be at the beach all next week so if I don't get a chance to post you know why. I look forward to sharing pictures and stories when we return. Have a great week.


AuntieKat said...

aww,now you went ahead and got me all teary-eyed!
Have a great vacation! You all deserve it! Love you!

Larry said...

From Grammy - You always could write such wonderful and touching notes about how you felt about something. I often remember those birthday cards or other notes of thanks you have sent to both Dad and me over the years. Your blog today is no different - it made me cry. It is so wonderful to see you grow as a mom and know you are experiencing the same joys that we did with both you and Michael.
Enjoy every minute of Jackson as he grows and all the other ones you may have. You DO have a wonderful, loving & caring husband and he is a great father!

Joan said...

Grammy is trying out her account with Google. Will have to forgo the name Grammy when I do any posting.