Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If you look closely....

you might see his first tooth! It started to show through about a week ago. I was feeding him lunch and noticed a white blister looking thing. I realized what it was and started to cry. It is just so amazing. I guess it just makes me realize again how blessed we are to have him in our lives. After such a long time of trying. He is such a little miracle. And now my little baby is growing up. Tomorrow he will be 8 months old. I can't believe how fast the time is going. He is changing so much these days. He loves to stand and walk. This week he has discovered how to really splash in the tub. Making a mess is a blast! His favorite word is still "da-da", but I have hope that someday soon he will add "ma-ma" to his vocabulary. He gives the best hugs and the sloppiest kisses. I love the way his face lights up and he gets that huge grin when his Daddy enters the room. The amount of love I have for him is overwhelming. I thank God for him each and every day.

And now I am going to go give my little guy a kiss goodnight.

(If you click on the picture it will come up HUGE. Scan down to his open mouth. His tooth is on the bottom left.)


Freda said...

Hi Jen! Wow - Jackson is growing up so fast! I can't believe he is standing up already - that's great! It sounds like he'll be on the move in no time. And yes, it's a very cute toosh! Paige and I have just been enjoying looking at the photos of him (whilst the other 2 are asleep. Freda and Paige xo

Kimberly said...

What a great picture! And yes, I can see the tooth!

I cried when my boys got their teeth too. It was just a big sign that they are growing up! I can't believe that Jackson will soon be 8 months. And my baby is twice that! Where does the time go???

Troy & Sherry said...

he is so adorable - i can't believe he is 8 months already - doesn't seem possible.
we sure do miss you guys!
love ya-

AuntieKat said...

oh my gosh. 8 months old and the first tooth. I can't believe it's been so long since I have seen him! Thank goodness for email and being able to send pictures this way! .... Jackson sure looks like you in this picture! He's got your eyes here! Cutie patootie! Miss you all soooo much!

Larry said...

Wow!!! Take plenty of pictures. Looks like another tooth is close to breaking through his gums.
He is really growing fast now and will be walking around before you know it.
Just got home from seeing him for a week and cannot wait to return.mountain shadow