Sunday, June 8, 2008

Outer Banks Vacation, Day 2!

Hello all,
Joe here, filling in for Jen who just went out shopping at the Nags Head outlet mall. I know that you all find that hard to believe... Jen? Mall? Shopping? Say it isn't so!!! But Jack is napping and it gives me a chance to post a few pictures.

Our second day of vacation down here on the Outer Banks is going great, except for the heat (100+ degrees) and the smoke (big forest fire about 50 miles west of here). Luckly, the wind has shifted and is coming off the ocean this afternoon and the smoke has cleared out. We are going to go down to the beach later this afternoon to test the water...

This morning, we and the MacMillans went to the North Carolina Aquarium just down the road in Manteo. The kids loved it (OK, so did Mac and I). Check out these pictures:

Jackson was confused... he wanted to touch the fish but something hard, cold and invisible was blocking his hand!

Croc wrestler!!!

Jen, Jack, Mac and Alec:
Don't touch!

The Uzmann's:

The MacMillans:


AuntieKat said...

Hey there! Nice to see you contributing Joe! I thought this blogging was a mystery to you. You did a good job! I hope that Jen had fun at the mall and found many "treasures". Looks like you're having a great time. Too bad about the fires...what is it with those? Chris said, "what do they, follow them on vacation?" Since we had them in FL as well. Hope that'll be the end of it & you get some great beach time. Looking forward to more pictures & blogs!

Joan said...

Dittos to Auntie Kat's remarks - Joe, I did not know you were into this blog thing. Hey, don't knock shopping! It's like men when they go to a Home Depot or Lowes. Besides, I am sure she did not buy anything.