Sunday, August 10, 2008

Per request...

So, here I am blogging tonight. I know, I know. It has been ONE WHOLE week since I have blogged. Not much new and exciting is happening. Things are pretty status quo-besides the three sleepless nights we had. Someone, not going to name any names, must have been really bothered by his teeth because he was up alot. Like almost every hour, alot. Crying and crying and just wanting to be held. Poor little guy. Good thing he was so happy during the day. Makes those long nights easier to handle. Last night he finally had a pretty restful night. So lets hope the worst of it is over. For now. Until the next set of teeth start to come in...

Let's see. What is new this week? Jackson went under water a few times at swimming lessons. And he actually seemed to like it. I won't say love it. But he is doing great at swimming. He was kicking with his left leg and "paddling" with his right arm. So cute. And he does a great "dead body" float on his back. He LOVES to jump in off the side. It is really more of a "sit in" as he sits on the side and falls into the pool on Three. He has come a long way since his first time in the pool.

Mere-Mere finished the curtains in Jackson's room. They look great! He loves them and likes to hold on to them when we are rocking in the glider. She is working on a bedskirt now. And hopefully I can convince her to make a pillow too.

In other big news, Daddy is now Commander Daddy! Joe was promoted to Commander on August 1st. We are all very proud of him. His official ceremony is tomorrow so Mere-Mere, Jackson, and I will get to put his new shoulder boards in place. We are very happy to be able to do it. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

That is about all that is happening here. The weather has finally cooled off so we will be able to get out more this week. Maybe we will head out to see the ducks again. Have a great week!

Like my new purse? It is a European Carry-all!

New Hat!

I see you!

If I could just reach your hand Daddy...

My buddy Ava and I played in the sprinkler tonight!

I am not so sure about this sprinkler thing...

But I LOVE to walk in the yard with Daddy.


Troy & Sherry said...

jen -
wow he is so big and so cute :)
jacob just turned two months old and i know i say all the time how fast it has gone by -
i wish you guys were still here - we sure do miss ya -
love ya-

AuntieKat said...

These pictures are great - so funny! And so great seeing little Jack walking with Joe in the yard. He's so small, but so big at the same time!