Monday, September 29, 2008

Check it out!

You have to check out this blog. I found the link on my "web friend" Katie's blog. This post is a insanely funny one about Costco! McMommy is hilarious!

And on another note. Have I told you lately how much I heart Kashi? I didn't think so. Go to the Kashi website and you can sign up for a free cookie. Free is for me! And their cookies are good! And they have all sorts of new products out. Go now!!

PS-My knuckle finally stopped bleeding 23 bazillion hours later. Now it looks like a big chunky bloody mess though. Okay-I might be exaggerating a titch. But that is what it feels like. And to top it all off I cut myself shaving too. What is with me and sharp objects?


Grammy said...

More evidence that you need a break! (Or prehaps just send Jackson home with his grandparents for a while). You should leave early Sunday after the party on Saturday and not come home until Tuesday afternoon. By the way, where do you keep his luggage? We might need that while you are gone.

Troy & Sherry said...

hey friend-
the jammies are from old navy - aren't they too cute :)
he is nearly to big for them and they are 3 - 6 months -
my little porker!
i miss you friend!

Kimberly said...

I don't think I have the stomach for that Kashi cookie now that I'm envisioning your bloody finger! Thanks, Jen!

And I think you should stop shaving and start flossing! :)

AuntieKat said...

Hey there! Thanks for the cookie news, free is for me too! Also, thanks for the laugh, that McMommy blog was hysterical (and true of most warehouse stores! Especially the 'how did we spend THAT much on NOTHING??'). Hope your knuckle is healing..and your leg. Geez! Chat w/you soon! :-)

AuntieKat said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!!! I can't believe today is his big day. Even his "lilypie"chart says happy 1st bday. So special! I will call you later! give him a huuuuge bday kiss and hug from us up here!

Lisa said...

When do we get to see birthday pictures???